Tel Aviv


Follow me I'm lost!

While leaving the Tel Aviv central bus station I had a “Bella Vista’ of the city, sprawling below bustling along to its on vibrant high energy tune, No on my way to Eilat, I find myself at fear of the loss of the little security I had manage to build up in myself and around


Even if it is slow you can still get there.

My absorption into the Israeli citizenship is now complete, I fear that my journey as an Israeli person is still a long ways from realization. Having the opportunity to look into a society from an outside perspective is fascinating, educational, soul searching and introspective. I am however beginning to get frustrated with myself and my seeming inability


Know your limits

To day has been full of realizations about Israel, Israeli’s and the hardest of all today was about my self and my own limits. What the mind wants the body cannot always provide indefinably. So my force of nature approach although effective for as long as it lasted was not sustainable, and I collapsed, I