Nahariyya Nights – The song of Poor Bernie

Unsurprisingly the last few days have been blue and introspective.

IMG_20160502_103505Trying to shake this feeling of exhaustion, and apply for jobs, trying desperately to ignore my rapidly sinking financial situation, (Titanic anyone…) which is starting to leave me terribly exposed.



IMG_20160502_112713“Breath” but everything will be fine, it has to be, to which end, I have applied for 6 jobs, and I’m in the process of setting up Interviews for next week.

Non yet, but fake it till you make it!

There isn’t much to do here, besides hike, there is no swimming on the beach, so I still IMG_20160502_105410have not swam in the Mediterranean, this will have to wait until I’m next in Tel Aviv or manage to find a serviceable beach.

I think my biggest challenge right now is getting over this funk, and the feeling of sadness ever since Jerusalem. My diagnosis is a bit of Post Traumatic mixed in with Acclimatization, and then seeing the harsh IMG_20160502_104057reality of an ancient conflict in person as catalyst has put me in an Early coping situation. (or collapsing)

This is not unwelcome, it has to be done, and may as well be done now, I am relatively isolated, and not spending much money at the moment, so Ill just have to keep on, keeping on, until keeping on, becomes keeping on.

IMG_20160502_104338The home sickness has reached a high point, and I’m feeling a bit better now though, the weekend was pretty crappy.

So I will be keeping a whether eye on that horizon, I have a feeling it could be the kind of thing that creeps up and leads to serious depression.

IMG_20160502_112252I think the biggest challenge to achieving anything big and new is integrating the reactive emotions positively into your state of being, with the least conflict, whilst avoiding any reactive depression.

Listen to your self, and don’t impose expectations.

Give to your self Honesty, vulnerability, and comfort.

(Thank you to all those who have been so supportive)


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    I’m reading this in August.. It’s like being able to travel through time and see what happens. Will he make it? Bet he does…

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