Know your limits

IMG_20160419_074958_hdrTo day has been full of realizations about Israel, Israeli’s and the hardest of all today was about my self and my own limits.

What the mind wants the body cannot always provide indefinably.

12993592_10153562383406824_4970864848002672233_nSo my force of nature approach although effective for as long as it lasted was not sustainable, and I collapsed, I managed a 20 km walk around Tel Aviv first to the Ministry of Immigration (Closed on Tuesdays), then to the Mall (Only opens at 10 am) this developed into a downward gradient which eventually bottoming out after I had fought it all the way to the bottom, delivering me to the realization that no matter how hard I pushed today I was not in control, and not going to achieve my goal. Reaching the absolute edge of my limit, like being caught in the grip of a force not unlike gravity, I collapsed. (not in public, but on the couch and passed out) My body taking control of the situation and making the kind of demands only it could.

But after waking and eating my first healthy meal since I have arrived I have managed to distill some of my observations.

  • Nothing happens in Tel Aviv before 10am.
  • The National food group is Wheat, breakfast lunch and supper.
  • The National take away is Pizza! Not Falafel (that’s for tourists)
  • Rice is expensive and difficult to find.
  • And an eggplant salad is not just cheap its frikken delicious and available everywhere! (I have so far been living on Russian Roulette diet of 2 Minute noodles (I cant read what the flavors are))
  • And all the Children play basket ball, the basket ball courts are everywhere.

IMG_20160419_075311_hdrAlthough on some levels today was a failure, it has given me the chance to regroup, acknowledge my insecurities, stare my fears down, organize my thoughts and adjust my game plan, and remember to breath.

So I am thankful for today and the lesson I have learned, early night, and tomorrow will be my do over.


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    Ja, we are tiny little beings living a tiny little timeframe. There are massive forces beyond our control. On the other hand, we are creative creatures and inventive too.

    Good blog!

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