Follow me I’m lost!

While leaving the Tel Aviv central bus station I had a “Bella Vista’ of the city, sprawling below bustling along to its on vibrant high energy tune, No on my way to Eilat, I find myself at fear of the loss of the little security I had manage to build up in myself and around me in Tel Aviv, the friendly shop attendants , the smell of the beach and the hum of this busy cosmopolitan city.

Without choice but to confront why I’m leaving this little seed of a new life in search of new and different, I don’t have an answer yet, perhaps I’m not ready, maybe I’m still carrying to much old baggage, the toxicidity of which keeping me moving and rejecting the solace of the security of everyday life.

I don’t have the answers to these questions, I do know I am searching, for what I don’t know, maybe it is just the search that I am looking for.

So in farewell of Tel Aviv I bid you a very fond Adieu, this is not good by, but Until we see each other again, you Sexy, Beautiful, Dirty, Brilliant City, Ciao Bella!

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