Even if it is slow you can still get there.

My absorption into the Israeli citizenship is now complete, I fear that my journey as an Israeli person is still a long ways from realization.

Having the opportunity to look into a society from an outside perspective is fascinating, educational, soul searching and introspective.

I am however beginning to get frustrated with myself and my seeming inability to make this language mine as fast as I want to is annoying, I know, I know, be realistic, but I am annoying myself.

To be fair I have gone from Nothing 4 days ago, to being able to do simple things like ask for directions, or help, order food, normal greetings and some of the basic politeness, I am getting my head around the currency enough to catch some ass trying to short change me today.

I am quickly identifying which shops are good and which are bad, but that is just a process of elimination.

It’s my forth day in Israel today, and I can only this far conclude that I have never met a warmer, more helpful people in my life, I feel that being here truly is a privilege, I just hope I can one day live up to the very high standards set everyday in the face of danger and normal life, by the very same people who have been so kind, understanding and so patient with me.

I know that as Jews we are taught that it is our responsibility to return to Israel, some even see it as a rite, But I have just begun to realize that it is neither. It is a privilege to be here and a great responsibility, neither of which I have earned yet, and this gives me great pause.

Sven I took another walk up to that fountain for you this evening hoping the get some nice photos but alas the lights where on but not the water, I will have to try again tomorrow.

This brings me to something I had not realized, I have spent all of my time in Tel Aviv during the day, when everyone is very seriously running around working and getting things done, but this evening for the first time I met Tel Avia at night, Just Wow! I think I have fallen in love with a city. This is such a party town! the Hi-frequency of the daytime activity is just flipped over into Intense bright lights, streets filled with people, and the food!! once again faced with intense contrast and beauty, I am so coming back to party here when I’m done with my “pilgrimage”.

And on that note, I took out my big camera this evening, and the image conversions are taking allot longer than expected.

So I will post tonight’s photos later.


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    Wow. Sound’s like you’re learning quickly. Such a lovely culture. (mostly haha) I’m so jealous!

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