Day 2, and I’m still alive

Today I recovered from my first mistake since I landed, I chose my Hostel poorly and was over charged terribly lesson learned.

I traveled from Or Yehuda to Tel Aviv University by Bus, it was an experience, both visual and emotional.

Not being able to read street signs, product labels or anything else really has its down sides, for example of Lemon water I bought, which I really did not enjoy because it was Apple. On the plus side the Israeli people are just such a warm friendly on open society.

Again I have never before been made to feel so welcome and been met with such an overwhelming amount of help, hope and enthusiasm in my life.

So back to my first journey on Israeli public transport, I was very lucky to have buss drivers that where helpful and sympathetic, as well as a student who even helped me carry one of my really unnecessary bags full of really unnecessary stuff.

Tel Aviv is a city of contrasts, from Older Bauhaus Architecture to Modern Glass and Iron, everything is moving at an Incredible pace intensely manic, and yet at the same time very laid back.

I first noticed the “bipolar nature of the city when looking at the building, and then in the public transport, everything is either half fixed, half build or half broken, and the public transport all seems to go in opposite directions where one buss will get you half way but the next one will get you the rest of the way, It all seems to work, but it feels like its all going the wrong way but getting to the right place.

I also found out that you have to be able to stand up for yourself here, and not take shit!

I had to change the plug on my laptop charger, but did not want to pay 56NIS (Shekel) for a converter, nor 24NIS for a new cable, and the shop owners refused to sell me a plug. But with allot of persistence and a good long walk around the market I found a plug and fixed it all for just 4NIS, so dont take no for an answer.

My MacGyver to get my laptop running lastnight
My MacGyver to get my laptop running lastnight

Time to find some food, Tel Aviv Falafel Me thinks…

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    Woohoo. Good adventure! Next country you go to, maybe check the power situation before you get there…

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