Chase the rainbow not your tail

Today has been another test of my ability to back down from my own resolve, I am not accustomed to not achieving my goals.

Unfortunately the desert leg of my travels is going to have to be put on hold until next year, acceptance of this really turned my head upside down, I had a goal I was on my way to achieving it and having the breaks put on and having to change direction is an exercise in the kind of mental gymnastics that I am intellectually attuned to, but not emotionally.

The way through the Negev is not an option until the weather cools down.

So after a brief but colorful internal conflict I have reached a compromise with myself, the Negev will be postponed, and I will bus up to The dead sea an meet up with the Trial from there.

I am told that this is the safe option, maybe I am getting old or growing up, because the safe option is not my normal go-to.

So, this is either progress or regress, I guess time will tell.

So after having my own private tantrum, I have acquired a new neighbor, a 68yr old Dutch man that is cycle touring Israel, and this turned out to be just the tonic, for my depressed mood.

After discovering that a mixture of Dutch, Africans and English quite passes for good conversation, we decided to go and snorkel at South Beach.

So not to bad, what I loose on the swing, I get back on the round-about

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