A tale of 2 City’s

The old city of Jerusalem is steeped in it history bearing down upon it and its inhabitants with almost a oppressive quality.

My first view of the city was from my “bedroom” at around 5 am when the Mosque Called to prayer, and the sun started to crawl its away to conqueror the its city as have so many others.

It was truly a glorious visage, more than could ever be described in words, the light illumination first the spires, then the Dome, and then the rest of the city whist the clarion calls to prayer rung and sung across the city calling Jews, Muslims and Christians alike to honor their heritage.

I took a walk around through the Spice laden, aromatic markets, I made the obligatory visit to the Western wall. But finding myself very uncharacteristically overwhelmed with emotion I opted to escape the crowds and I walked up to the New City.

This bustling modern metropolis being the complete antithesis of its older sister besides her, filled with all the comforts and technology of modern life, but I also detected some of her colonial heritage in the architecture, which was a reassuring familiarity.

By contrast they are very different, but it is the people that bind them, creating a commonality that pervades them both.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to take some photos of the sunset later, so I will post those and more as soon as I get the opportunity

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    mmm. Interesting. Touched by God?

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