The Road to Jerusalem

After the aggravation and disappointment of Eilat, The road to Jerusalem seemed the best distraction, and I am finding that I’m getting itchy feet more readily, I see what every means about the travel being addictive, I could very easily get used to this as a permanent lifestyle.

IMG-20160426-WA002The biggest Surprise to come Out of Eilat (Vegas in the Middle East) was meeting new people, first Was Eyal and his family, who have been so helpful in my acclimatization to the Israeli life, and then my camping neighbor, Ceese a retired Dutch man with a heart of gold.

My most sincere thanks go out to everyone that participated in, and contributed so much, to my Eilat experience.

So after a hot sweaty bus ride I arrived in Jerusalem tired and exhausted, I am appreciation my time in public more and more as I am picking up more of the language, my passive learning strategy seems to be highly effective.

Hostel living is different, from solitude in Tel Aviv, to Camping int Elilat and now letting go of all the boundaries in Jerusalem, I’m staying at a friendly, clean Hostel, the people are fantastic, I of course opted for the cheapest accommodation which is a matrras on the roof with about 20 other students and world-wanderers, the atmosphere in the city is of course festive because of Chag (You are all going to have to bear with me as I am inducted in to Israeli culture – Chag means Festival at the moment it is Passover)

So I’m looking forward to getting to explore this grand old city.

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    Wow. Passover in Jerusalem. That’s something special!

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