A Desert Rose

Eilat is HOT.. a dry hot, it feels like the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard.
You can feel you are close to or in fact in a dessert next to water, the atmosphere is like a constant tug or war between the 2.

And as beautiful as a Tel Aviv Sunset on the ocean is, Eilat at sunset revealed herself to be a true beauty of her own nature and distinction.

From twilight the sunset cascades over the mountains majestically guarding the Negev as sentinels to hold back the water.

Eilat truly is breathtaking, and I can quite rightly see why it is such a popular tourist and Israeli vacation city.

I am still unfortunately acclimatizing, and never having experienced this form of dry heat and taking longer than expected so I have had to dip into the last of my funds and secure my camping accommodation for 2 days longer than expected, this will fortuitously give my blisters a chance to heal as well.

So given that I have nothing to do, but bake in the sun and dry out like the matzos so freely being distributed right now, I went to the beach, my first mistake was to solicit the advice of the Resort co ordination.. This cost me 35NIS and a morning of dodging stinging jelly fish in the most boring of Beaches, (Coral Beach).

But the day was not a waste, I have befriend a couple, who are my camping neibours and are here on holiday from up North, and they introduced me to South Beach Eilat! And boy was that not to disappoint, south beach is dominated by a sprawling restaurant and bar with all the amenities and is neiboured by a pull-in and free camping area. And the whole conglomerate is designed to party! This is defiantly on my to-do list when I return, and Ai Chi-wow-haw the lady’s are hot-hot-hot!
Prefers the
So as I’m winding down this blog and preparing to go to supper, I have not been able to escape the reasons for my ‘pilgrimage’, everyone! Is asking why am I doing this, and true to my normal form I have not really figured that out, any one who knows my knows I’m more of a “ready, fire, aim” kind of person who prefers the ultimate motivation to be more of a mystery that I can unravel on my journey.

I have however resolved this “epic” I have created for myself, thus far, If I am in fact searching for something, then it is not the thing that I am searching for that I am really interested in, but it is the search itself that is captivation both my imagination and my spirit, which has not felt this alive in many many years.

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    Nice! So introspective. A salmon going upriver…

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