My Career as a Junior Website Developer started in 1996, and I have embraced the ever changing landscape of Development, Digital marketing and Back Office technology of the internet.

I have built my stakehold on innovation, creative problem solving and delivering the best user centered experience possible.

Starting in Corporate Information Technologies, my diversified growth and development have taken me through Film and Television, Small to Medium Enterprises , Hardware and Software support services, Project Management and Systems Administration.

Currently my most immediate career objective is to find stable employment so as to be able to settle, Integrate myself and begin building my new life in Israel after Aliyah.

I realise that I am new to this market and do not expect to enter it at the same level as I was in South Africa, I am more than prepared to work hard and prove my competency and capability in the Israeli High Tech Market environment.

After building my first website and realising on an intuitive level that this is where if not society then definitely the market as we know it is going, I invested myself in all aspects of website design, encompassing graphic design, programming, user interface design and Usability into my skillset.

This has as a whole become the  guideline for how I have approve each and every aspect of my working career.

Intuitive and intelligent design.

Having experienced the corporate environment,  I was offered the opportunity to put my skills to use in film and television, Video and Audio editing and researching audio and video compression technologies. This education would prove to be vital to my development in social media and Multi Media marketing.

After exploring Software support services, I found a niche in Projects and Systems administration. This balance of Technical Problem solving, Creative Design, User experience design and Team Management suits me well and keeps me engaged.

In Balance is found happiness.